Best Natural Stone Selection for Different Paving Requirements

Natural Stone Paving normally is used by architects, builders and interior designers for construct homes and buildings because of its durability and beauty that normally, cement slabs can’t give. It is one of the most durable kinds of paving that gives unique look and can suffer easily and handle extreme weather conditions just because of its own natural mineral elements. These kinds of stone pavers is cut, mined and processed and used for the commercial purpose. Natural Stone pavers are the most costly type of pavers that are available in market, no other pavers will find the same design that natural stone paving can provide. Its unique and outstanding design will surely catch the eyes of your guests.

marble paving by Natural Stone Masters

Marble Paving

In market, there is a large range of natural stone paving are available. Natural Stone Paving selection should be based according to the area where it is use and firstly, match with the features and color of building or home.
1. Granite: Granite is one of the most popular kinds of natural paving stone and it is known for its color i.e. light gray and rough surface different from marble. It can be used in patios, pathways and pool decks. Frequent passage of vehicles and frequent walking of people on these stones will not affect these kinds of paving stone due to its rough surface and hardness. Because of its hardness granite is hard to extract making it costly in comparison to the other kinds of natural stone paving. Granite doesn’t need frequent cleaning because of its dark color hide dirt and stains. It has great resistance against abrasions and stains, so it won’t be chipped simply.

silver granite paving by Natural Stone Masters


Stylish granite paving

Stylish Granite Paving









2. Marble: marble is the most costly natural stone paving. Marble has the most creative and unique pattern and color. It has unique pattern and very smooth which can’t be completely imitated by human being in actual. Usually, Marble has a white color base with streaks of brown, gray and cream. Some marbles are also available in pinkish color shade with gray, blue, yellow and other light colors in flow like patterns. Marble has a one of the main features that it has withstand intense weather conditions. Hence, Marble selection is not a good for use in the areas of the house like pool areas, which exposed to water because marble is slippery in when wet areas. So, for water area, marble is not the good selection.

Marble paving slabs

Marble Paving Slabs

3. Slate: it is popular for its exclusive color. You will find wide range of slate colors in the market. You will find gray, blue slate colors and some slates are also available in reddish color. The best thing about slates is its unfading color that will distinct the slate from other stone paving. No weather conditions and wearing affect its magnificent colors. It is so durable and its color unique gives the different place in comparison of other stone paving.

Slate paving

These are some best option in paving, to know more about paving stone or buy visit at Natural Stone Masters.