Find the beauty for your home and other buildings from natural stones

Natural stone is the perfect choice as the decorative purposes in building and monumental sculpture. Natural stone generally use for flooring, countertops, paving, pathway and so on. It can also use to give beauty to lake area either laid in between the pond or lake, or placed at the border of it. Some natural stone like marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, when we used them for decoration reason, give a natural look to our house or buildings.

best natural stone for flooring

If we use natural stone in construction then it also fulfill eco friendly purpose. These natural stones are available in different designs and textures which shows an aesthetic look to its owner. These stones are perfect for decorative purposes as well as they are best at durable point of view. Stones are not easily break out and thus improve the beauty of various areas such as spa area, bathrooms, gardens, park, patio where environment is sometimes friendly sometimes not. When we use stones in exterior of building, that make building stronger and also resistance to extreme weather condition and other harms like fire. It also lessens the maintenance cost.

natural used in exterior

To gain the beauty for house it is necessary to choose the right stone according to the area where we want to install the stone. For it one should understand the qualities of stones in comparison with surroundings. Personal choice in colors and texture also helps in enhance the beauty of area. Below is the list of natural stones which you can use according the requirement.

Marble: it is one of the popular and beautiful stone in decorative terms. Durability, beautiful colors like pink, yellow, purple, blue, red and bold white its quality. It is also good option in terms of availability and affordability.

Granite: popular stone in terms of decorative purpose. Its durability property and bold colors are famous. It comes in different textures and affordable prices. Granite is more durable than to marble.

designer granite

Slate: it has properties like durability and versatility so it is also fine option for construction. It comes in many colors and different textures. It gives ancient look to homes which is attractive enough to catch eyes. If we combined it with granite in kitchen then it looks unique.


also a good option, it is popular for its beautiful appearance and softer textures but it is not a very good choice in durability but it’s affordable.

best sandstone for home

Limestone: limestone is durable and hard stone but it suffer from acid rain so not suitable for those area which is suffer from extreme weather.

Travertine: this is a durable stone but easily get stain so don’t use it on these areas where they get more stains.

(Image- durable travertine stone)

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