Maintain and Clean Travertine Stone Tiles Easily

Travertine stone is from limestone family and a hard stone. It is the form of calcite and has the porous property. Little holes and crevices are present on the surface of stone. The unique texture, patterns and different colors of stone have their own style that makes a best choice for both exterior and interior tile flooring purpose. Travertine tiles are not just for flooring in fact it give beauty to patio area, kitchen showers, fireplace and so on. In kitchen it can be used for countertops and backsplashes. It can be used for external walls also. The cleaning methods or ways for travertine stone are same as limestone or marble because these stones have similar type of composition and characteristics.

travertine tiles by natural stone masters
Cleaning method for Travertine Tiles
Travertine has the durability property and once it installed, it usable for long term. Their beauty and durability can be maintained with right cleaning methods. Following are the chief steps in cleaning-
1. First use broom which made of soft materials for sweeping. Vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning purpose, use glider for sweeping purpose. For cleaning the wall tiles use dry and clean microfiber cloth. This sweeping with broom or dry cloths should be done at regular intervals; if we do it regularly then dust particle will not get enter in the little pores of travertine tiles.

travertine tiles
2. The general tile cleaner agents are not suitable for these tiles. When you purchase cleaner for these tiles select the cleaner which have neutral pH level. If we choose mild cleanser then it suits to all types of stone surface.
3. The travertine tiles has the porous structure so give extra attention when it comes to liquid agents, actually its porous surface easily absorbs the liquids and chemical can harm the surface. Thus, whenever you go for liquid agent first bucket with water and add instructed portion of liquid agent to prepare a solution. Then dip a clean microfiber mop in it, wring out extra water from mop and then use it for wiping the dirt and grime from the tiles.
4. Take a clean cloth and damp it by dipping in clean water, wring out excess water and then mop the tiles with this. This removes the dirt or other residues which left behind after cleaning by the solution. At last use dry cloth to make dry these tiles. For wet cleaning set the time interval like once in a week, for dry cleaning you can do it regularly.
Travertine can easily get stain on surface so, when you install it on surface, apply sealant on the surface to make it stain resistant. It can be applied on the surface once in a year to maintain the tiles’ beauty.

travertine paving in patio

Travertine tiles in Patio area

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