Abu Black

Natural Stone Masters is one of the most reputed and reliable producer, supplier and exporter of Abu Black Marble in India.
The Abu Black Marble is created by Abu Black Quarry. It is the only calcite black marble in the world. The beautiful white veins having a wave like pattern are formed on this jet black marble canvas.
Abu Black Marble is available in several sizes, designs and patterns here. It has even captured a great market share due to its amazing features including:-
1. High Luster.
2. Shining.
3. Durability.
The size range starts from 1ft * 1ft to 6ft * 6ft and even above as per your requirements.
Abu Black Marble is usually used in book matching arrangement or in straight form. It is the calcite content of the marble that makes it durable in several polishes or also in high traffic areas. We quarry almost 2-3000 tonnes of Abu Black Marbles annually. we have been dealing this product not only in India but also in several other countries.
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