Kesharia Green

Kesariya Green Marble is a green marble whose layers and shades give a feeling of the nature. This marble can be layered or shady giving greenery and natural look on the stone. It is one of the most in demand export quality marble produced in India.
Natural Stone Masters is the leading supplier, manufacturer, producer and exporter of Keshariya Green Marble. We are known for our best quality durable products which are resistant to weather in nature.
The exciting features of Keshariya Green Marble are:-
  • High Luster.
  • Great weather resistance power.
  • Good durability.
  • Weather Resistant.
  • Excellent shining surface.

Keshariya Green marble come in several color ranges:-

  • Forest Green Color.
  • Plain Green Color.
  • Dark Green Color.
  • Shady Green Marble.

Size of Keshariya Green Marble varies from 10 mm to 25 mm but it can change according to the order of the customer.

The Keshariya Green Marble is basically used for counter tops, table tops, vanity tops, marble floor boards, kitchen tops and also many other constructional and architectural uses.

Thus, to order the best quality Keshariya Green Marble for your home, resort, hotel etc from the best suppliers and manufacturers in the country, contact here.