Makrana Brown

Makrana Brown Marble is one of the most lovable marble quality. This Marble suffers from no pin holes, color change, chemical reinforcement or polish loss. It is basically known as a shady brown marble and is in great  demand in India. It is named as “Makrana Brown” because of a village called as “Makrana” as it is the largest producer of this brown marble in India. It is basically a calcite stone which is also known as “sangmarmar stone”.
Natural Stone Masters is the leading supplier, manufacturer, producer and exporter of Makrana Brown Marble. We are mine owners of the best quality, durable and eruption resistant marble quality in the country.
The exciting features of Makrana Brown Marble are:-
  • Brown Background color.
  • Small dark brown lining in fore color.
  • Galicha pattern.
  • Z Black shade.
  • Browny shadow.
  • Pure white pattern.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Good durability power.

Makrana Brown marble come in several size ranges:-

  • 24 * 9.
  • 21 * 9.
  • 15 * 9.
  • 12 * 9.
  • 24 * 6.
  • 18 * 6.
  • 12 * 6.

Size of Makrana Brown Marble can vary according to the given specifications in the order of the customer.

The Makrana Brown Marble is basically used for:-

  1. Buildings construction.
  2. Churches.
  3. Monuments.
  4. Temples.
  5. Schools.
  6. Mosques, etc.

Thus, to order the best quality Makrana Brown Marble for any big level construction from the best producers and manufacturers in the country, contact here.