Makrana Kumari

Makrana Kumari Marble is one of the cheapest marble in price range and quality. It is named as “Makrana Kumari” because it is largely produced in a village called as “Makrana” in India. Due to its cheap price rate, it is one of highest in demand Marble in Indian and International markets.
Natural Stone Masters is the leading supplier, manufacturer, producer and exporter of Makrana Kumari Marble. We are mine owners and leading manufacturers of good quality and cheapest makrana kumari marble in the country.
There are two types of Makrana Kumari Marbles available in our construction site:-
  • Borawar Kumari Marble.
  • Makrana Kumari Marble.
The exciting features of Makrana Kumari Marble are:-
  • Grey Background color.
  • Available in Natural Blocks.
  • Processed Slabs pattern.
  • Available in Tiles.
  • Border linings.
  • Beautiful figures and design patterns.
  • Good Shining.
  • Good durability power.
  • Extraordinary Glace.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Eye catching.

Makrana Kumari marble come in several size ranges:-

  • Tiles vary from 1 x 1  to 2 x 1.75.
  • Leera vary from 2 x 2  to 3 x 3.75.
  • Slabs vary from 4 x 4  to 8 x 10.

Size of Makrana Kumari Marble can change according to the specifications given by the customer.

The Makrana Kumari Marble is basically used for:-

  1. Bedrooms.
  2. Dining halls.
  3. Flooring.
  4. Temple rooms.
  5. Schools construction.
  6. Lobby.
  7. Parking area.
  8. Store rooms, etc.

Thus, to order the best quality Makrana Kumari Marble for any big level construction from the best producers and manufacturers in the country, contact here.