Morwar White

Morwar White Marble is one of the best quality marble in Asia. Due to its best quality features, it is one of greatest in demand Marble in both Indian and International markets.

Natural Stone Masters is the leading supplier, manufacturer, producer and exporter of Morwar White Marble. We are the leading mine owners, producers and manufacturers of best quality and affordable Morwar White marble in the country.

There are many types of Morwar White Marbles:-

  • Morwar Second Quality:- This quality marble is the commercial range of the Morwar marble. You can sometimes face cracks and fillings in the products made by this marble.
  • Morwar First Quality:- This marble is known as 100% fresh quality marble. You would never face any cracks or fillings in this product.
  • Morwar Premium Quality:- This marble is the best quality Morwar marble. It is mainly used by the customers for export purposes.
  • Morwar Plain White Marble:- This marble is pure and plain white in color and has good quality base.

The exciting features of Morwar White Marble are:-

  • Good Strength.
  • Great design patterns.
  • No color change.
  • No polish loss.
  • Fine Weather resistance.
  • Lesser iron contains.
  • Good durability power.
  • Eye catching.

Several design patterns of this marble available in our construction site are:-

  • Straight lining.
  • Cross Lining.
  • Green lining.
  • Black lining.
  • Plain White pattern.
  • Black and green lining.
  • Diamond figure.

Morwar White marble come in several size ranges:-

  • 3.25 * 3.25 feet.
  • 8 * 9 feet.
  • 2 * 2 feet.

Size ranges of Morwar White Marble can change according to the specifications which are given by the customer.

The Morwar White Marble is basically used for:-

  1. Bedrooms.
  2. Dining halls.
  3. Flooring.
  4. Walling.
  5. Schools.
  6. Vanity Tops.
  7. Kitchen area.
  8. Store rooms, etc.

Thus, to order the best quality Morwar White Marble for any construction from the best producers and manufacturers in the country, contact here.