Rain Forest Brown

Rain Forest Brown Marble is one of the best quality marble in Asia. It is one of greatest demanded Marble in both Indian and International markets due to its extraordinary features and low price rates.

Natural Stone Masters is the leading manufacturer, supplier, producer and exporter of Rain Forest Brown Marble. Rain Forest Marble is known to be in group of Serpentinite, a mineral group formed by Serpentinization, a process involving high pressure steam leaving earth’s mantle.

There are many types of Rain Forest Marbles available in our construction site:-

  • Rain Forest Brown.
  • Cafe Forest Brown.
  • Rain Forest Gold.
  • Rain Forest Green.

The exciting features of Rain Forest Brown Marble are:-

  • Great Strength.
  • Great design patterns.
  • Metamorphic rock like marble.
  • No polish loss.
  • Fine Weather resistance.
  • Layered designs.
  • Good durability power.
  • Amazing shining.

Several design patterns of this marble available in our construction site are:-

  • Lining.
  • Cross Lining.
  • Brown lining.
  • Wavelike pattern.
  • Layered.

Rain Forest Brown marble come in several size ranges:-

  • 3.25 * 3.25 feet.
  • 8 * 9 feet.
  • 2 * 2 feet.

Size ranges of Rain Forest Brown Marble can change as per specifications which are given by the customer.

The Rain Forest Brown Marble is basically used for:-

  1. Outdoor bars.
  2. Table tops.
  3. Fireplaces.
  4. Vanity Tops.
  5. Kitchen counter tops, etc

Thus, to order the best quality Rain Forest Brown Marble for any beautification to your home from the best manufacturers in the country, contact here.