Routine care of kitchen countertops

The first rule for your countertop care is that it is sealed properly. But how can you check that it sealed properly is not? For it, spill some water onto countertop; let it be for some time. Wipe it, if you see a darker area on surface where water was then it is an indication that water absorbed into the surface of stone, so it is a time for re- seal.

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Routine cleaning of countertops

The thumb rule in cleaning for countertops and also floors, walls use a ‘glass cleaner’ or ‘dish soap with water’. But it is not easy to use means if you use harsh cleaner then it can harm your stone surface. First check how much amount of cleaner take time to rinse with water. If it is too much soapy then it is not good for cleaning purpose. Dish soap leave insanitary and thin film which can be not easily removable so a very little amount needed for cleaning. So you have to rinse off properly from the countertop’s surface.

Reliable way to clean granite

Nowadays specific formulated cleaners are available in the market as per the stone properties.

Cleaning of kitchen countertops

Kitchen Countertops- What to do or what not

a) Do regular cleaning of your counter top with a suitable stone- safe cleaner. You can use higher concentration solution near the cooking as well as eating areas, and use diluted solution in less demanding areas (areas far from cooking area).

b) Don’t take too much time in wipe if anything spills on the counter top. Use blotting paper or microfibers dry cloth to clean spills as soon as you see it. If you take long time in wipe then it can be turned into dry spill and it take extra time in cleaning which can also take away the shine of surface.

c) Much type of scouring pads is available in market for cleaning purpose, but don’t use them for cleaning the dried- on spills. These pads have silicon carbide grits which may give scratch to toughest granite surface. Use the safe sponges pad lined with silvery net or you can use plastic scouring pads for to clean the dried- on spills. But don’t use directly these sponges on dried- on spills, first make moist it by spray the cleaner. Cleaning agent will do its work and then it will make easy your task to remove the spills.

d) Apply stone polish to your counter top surface at regular interval for maintaining its beauty. New polish gives more brightness to the surface and makes it as new one. Use the best level polish according to the stone properties.

e) Don’t keep any unnecessary item on the tops especially heavier one because if you shift them for any reason it can make scratches on it.

By the help of these dos and don’ts you can maintain the beauty of your kitchen countertop and visit us at Natural Stone Masters to buy any type of stone countertop for your kitchen.

Maintenance of kitchen countertops

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