Top 4 ways to care and clean marble

Marble is a good-looking natural stone, used for a large range of areas. Spanning from bathroom flooring to kitchen counter-tops. Marble is an adaptable stone that is used in various areas of the home throughout.

Natural Stone

Marble is a durable natural stone, if it is not cared properly, then, marble can be tarnish and wear. One of the biggest mistaken belief that this natural stone can be cleaned in the same way as other stones such as granite. In fact marble is a softer stone and it is more susceptible to staining, chemical etching and chipping.

Thus, it is important to note that marble should be care with the correct products and correct approach. Here, we give you five ways maintain the life of marble.

1. Keep a regular cleaning schedule: To avoid tarnishing and scratching of marble, keep a regular cleaning schedule. Tarnish is caused due to repeated rubbing of dirt particles and sand on marble. In addition, marble lean to be at risk to water spots, so it’s essential to wipe down a surface of marble in the order it becomes wet.

marble cleaning products
Although the number of best marble cleaners is available, simply with a dipped soft cloth in a warm water wipe-down is enough to tackle the job. For marble cleaning, never use vinegar or other acidic solutions, in result, it may be a chemical etching of the marble. When cleaning marble thoroughly, consider PH-neutral soap to use, it is safe for marble. Acetone is highly effective and safe to use for cleaning dark marble like Belgium black.
2. Take care of spot before they stain: Soft drinks, juice and wine are such acidic substances that cause havoc on a marble, if they are not immediately cleaned-up. It takes only a few minutes for the acid to begin penetrating marble, so it’s good to tackle such spills quickly. Avoid applying a wiping or rubbing motion, when cleaning stains that inducing spills. If oil related liquid spills on the natural stone, an effective powder mixture, warm water and rubbing alcohol.

cleaning marble counter-top

3. Avoid placed or sitting heavy items on marble: Always remember, marble is more delicate that it appears. The pans or pots of metal can easily make scratches on the marble surface, if it is not properly cared. Spend in some quality placemats, hot pads and coasters to make sure hot and heavy objects never make direct contact with marble surface. The damage occurred by chipping and deep scratches is some things that are difficult to repair.

4. Marble polishing on a usual basis: Timely polishing of marble help to go in a longer way to sustain its life. Number of polishers are available in the market that are particularly worked for marble. Polish on marble provide it a protective layer against water spots, chemical etching and stains. In simple words, this effort and investment is one of the ways to expand the marble life.

Marble might look like a strong stone. Therefore, it’s rather soft in comparison to other ones. For more information you can contact at